Learn to code with Codementum!

4 min readDec 24, 2021

Codementum is an exciting platform established with the basic goal to teach coding to students from ages 8 to 16.

Using coding and algorithms, students acquire necessary skills including the ability to view problems from different perspectives to find solutions. This allows them to think in a systematical and creative way and to build problem solving skills.

Codementum provides all the curriculum, intuitive tools, and resources you need to run a successful CS program. Here are some tips for both parents and teachers to help students learn to code!


Coding in the classroom

Computer programming helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st century career path. As your students solve problems through writing real code, they will develop 21st century skills like multiple-step thinking, perseverance, critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.

Teachers are not required to have any programming experience when teaching coding to students with Codementum. With Codementum’s Teacher Kit, everyone can easily teach the basics of computer science.

Monitor & assess student progress

With our Teacher Dashboard, we save you both time and effort when monitoring your students’ progress.

On the Dashboard you can see how far your students have progressed through the courses and how well they have performed. This in turn makes it easier to find a topic in which the students were struggling and address it specifically. Our automatic grading system saves you a lot of time to evaluate your students.

Real programming languages

From the very first level in Codementum, students start to write code in a real-world programming language. Depending on the course, you will teach either Python or JavaScript. Python and JavaScript is used in the industry primarily for web applications.

Synchronized Text-based and Block-based coding

There are two modes that your students can use to solve tasks. With our Synchronized Text-based and Block- based coding system, children can switch between text code and code blocks at any time.

This way children can learn how to write real code and estabilish algorithms with the help of code blocks. By converting text-based codes into blocks, children will be able to construct algorithms faster by visualizing the code when they write.


Why is learning to code important?

Programming is the way of the future. It influences and innovates every aspect of our lives. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that kids become digitally literate and that they understand the devices they use daily. Learning to code is empowering. It gives kids the tools to bring their ideas to life, express themselves, and provide many options for their futures.

What skills does coding develop?

In the digital age, programming is a basic literacy. It’s a 21st century skill important to and deeply ingrained in every industry. But programming isn’t just about communicating with a computer — it’s also about learning how to think. Kids gain important academic and interpersonal skills as they learn to code. A few of those skills include math and writing skills, as well as creativity and confidence. Kids even build soft skills such as focus, resilience, and communication.

What are 21st century skills?

21st century skills are a skillset thought to be crucial for children in our changing world. These include creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, digital literacy, collaboration, and more.


  • Setting up the algorithm and coding the established algorithm
  • Analytical thinking on the basis of computational thinking
  • To be able to perform operations by taking into account programmes and variables
  • Reaching the shortest most efficient solution for problems
  • To be able to view events and problems from different perspectives
  • Systematic and creative thinking
  • Learning a real programming language (Python & Javascript)

How to teach your kids to code

Our revolutionary visual blocks allow kids to learn coding concepts while having fun, motivating them to acquire skills 5x faster and transition to more advanced programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

Kids learn on their own with a guided, hands-on approach that individualizes the coding experience. Track how your kids are learning and growing with Codementum.

Introduce your children to coding by playing a fun and intuitive game. Develop your kids skill set and prepare them for the future!








Codementum provides all the curriculum, intuitive tools, and resources you need to run a successful CS program.